" Arrangement fees for the host family "

General terms of payment for the au pair programme of AU PAIRS WORLDWIDE B.V. in the Netherlands/Belgium

Arrangement fees for the host family:

1. Registration fee for a new host family (one off)         
2. Summer Au Pair (1- 3 months stay)                         
2a.Short stay Au Pair (4- 6 months stay)                      
3. Long Stay Au Pair 12 months with Visa requirement  
4. EU Long Stay Au Pair 12 months stay 
5. Nanny Long Stay 12 months 
6. Visa obtaining procedure 
6a.Visa legal charges IND 
7. Fee partner agency file EU 
8. Fee partner agency worldwide 

€ 125,-
€ 350,-
€ 425,-
€ 850,-
€ 850,-
€ 900,-
€ 225,-
€ 614,-
€ 175,-
€ 500,-

All our tariffs exclude VAT (BTW) 21%

Arrangement fees are not refunded if the host family decides not to replace their au pair should their au pair leave earlier than previously arranged
We ask for a Deposit of € 350,-which should be in our possession before the arrival of the au pair. This deposit will be deducted from the total of the Arrangement Fees.

The Host Family will be invoiced for any monies outstanding after the arrival of their Au Pair.
The Registration Fee and Deposit will not be refunded.

Visa Expenses for Au Pairs from outside the EU
Application for Temporary Visa (MVV) € 614,- should be paid directly to Au pairs Worldwide immediately after the Temporary Visa has been granted.
After arrival in the host country the Au Pair should register with an IND office in the area of her host family.
Fees for the Temporary and Long-Term Visa are the responsibility of the host family, not the Au Pair

The IND does not refund any fees if for any reason the Au Pair placement is not a success. This is a risk for you as a host family, we as an Au Pair placement organisation can not be held responsible for this either.

Naturally we do our utmost to let the Au Pair placement be a great success for you and your Au Pair!

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